Astral Man

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Tach Deneva
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Astral Man

Post by Tach Deneva » 20 Jan 2006, 06:17


I was born the day I died. Well. Whatever I am now came into being the day the man I was met his maker. I stood by and watched the paramedics try to save me. I watched the undertaker do his stuff. I watched my own funeral, watched them plant me six feet deep. And then I tried to get on with my life as a ghost. Only I'm not a ghost. Not really.

Professor Markus Strath, a friend of a friend, was kind enough to run some tests. Turns out that while I'm not flesh and blood, I'm close enough to fool most people. Professor Strath says I'm energy, manifested physically, by force of will. He says I am - or was - a mutant, and this was my power: the ability to project my consciousness into pretty much any physical form I could dream up. He says that's what I did when that Hellion gunned me down: I projected my consciousness into this imaginary body, only now there's no 'real' body for me to go back to, so I'm stuck.

So there you go. I'm the Astral Man. And I'm a figment of my own imagination. I guess, maybe, there are worse fates. After all, who among us is not, in some way, a figment of his or her own imagination?
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Post by Mooseman » 20 Jan 2006, 15:02

Quality mate....short and sweet, and i really like the concept.

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