Deep strike...

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Deep strike...

Post by Hammer » 20 Jul 2005, 19:31

Well after you left Kodiak Steel and i were in a 4 ship deep strike on a Factory making weapons, well everything went ok until half way to Steerpoint 2 and a couple of Mig 29's locked me up and just to add to the fun there were a couple of mig 21's there also, Steel was just behind and i got the first shot off on one of the Mig 29's but it missed and we ended up in a furball with 4 Mig 29's (where the hell the other 2 came from i don't know ) and 2 Mig 21's i got locked up by one of the migs and got fired on, i went defensive and beamed his shot pumping Chaff as i did.

The Mig lost his lock and one missile evaded BUT 2 seconds later another misile launched at me and i'm beaming all over again, then another and another I'm beaming the guy and he loses his lock on the first three and then betty calls "OUT" Shit i'm out of chaff and that awful tone rings in my ear again! 5 seconds later bang im hit and going down in flames (bugger ) Where's that ejection handle oh yes over there, Bang im out of the pit and floating safely to the ground. Steel has got one of the Mig 21's taken care of but he is still in the mix with those 29's.

I re-enter as the No4 as the No3 has also been shot down. First things first and i locate Steel on my HSD and turn to assist, then i jettison my Bombs and fuel tanks for manouverability and the fight is on! I get a tally on Steel and he's got Mig 29's all over him but one passes by my pit and i turn to engage. I get the angle on him and he's in guns range, so i switch to guns and get the funnel up on the HSD, I'm just about to bring him into my sights and that tone goes off again!

SHIT one of the Migs must have got in behind me! So i go defensive again and chaff is going off all over the place, but i'm low too low and bang Lawn Dart (curses loudly and mumbles at himself for being stupid).

So i back out and check the debrief, Steels still hanging in there but not managing to get any shots off.

Debrief checked and it wasn't a Mig that locked me up before i hit the dirt it was an SA-3!!! Who put that there???

Then Steel calls out that there is an SA-3 site locking him up! I say yes thats the guy that locked me up, so now Steel has got 4 Mig 29's and an SA-3 to worry about. I watch helplessly on the campaign map as he tries to survive and one of the 29's crashes (NOOB LOL ) the other Mig 21 seems to have got bored i think and is not a threat. Well Steel hangs in there for quite some time before somehow managing to dissengage and get free to carry onto the target!

Steel hasn't done his homework and did not do a Recon before take off (silly boy!) So i describe the high value target to him and which building it should be from his approach angle.

He get's that target on his first pass despite that nasty enemy Air Defense Battalion trying to shoot him down with their missiles, a second pass takes out the secondary mixing building, and Steel heads for home! or at least the nearest neutral Airbase in this case, since his fuel is almost gone and he get's diverted to an Airbase in Hungary and lands safely after completing the mission and being the only remaining member of his flight.

I'm certainly looking forward to the next exciting Flight on the WOF Falcon:AF server

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Post by KODIAK » 21 Jul 2005, 11:29

Thanx for that guys, I enjoyed the read. And I'm sure everyone will appreciate it being posted here in the saloon. 8)

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