Falcon 4 + BMS Mod

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Falcon 4 + BMS Mod

Post by Softball » 23 Sep 2011, 23:54

This looks really interesting...now where is my original F4 CD...?



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Re: Falcon 4 + BMS Mod

Post by PanzerMeyer » 24 Sep 2011, 13:57

Pretty interesting but I'm pretty much done with Falcon 4 and I doubt I'll reinstall it. I have a full plate of flight sims already with Rise of Flight, Lock On 2.0, Cliffs of Dover, DCS: A-10 and DCS: Black Shark.
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Re: Falcon 4 + BMS Mod

Post by Hammer » 24 Sep 2011, 17:19

can't really explore it too much. you have to have a forum user name to see much, and the last screen shots were put up in early 2010. i wonder how up to date they are keeping it and how it compares to the stuff the other guys produced (Red Viper, etc.).

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