Grifter and Hammer status this week

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Grifter and Hammer status this week

Post by Hammer »

not sure how much either of us can be on this week. I will be on Monday, but am unsure about Wed. I am having a surgical procedure on Tue and will need to see how I feel Wed.

Grifter has a bunch of work related activity this coming week and needs to focus there, but he will be on if at all possible.

Just an FYI - anyone is always welcome to stick to regular flight times and most everyone knows how to connect to the server and change missions.

If you all would like to just cancel Wed this coming week that can be done as well.

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Re: Grifter and Hammer status this week

Post by PanzerMeyer »

I'm leaning towards cancelling if you two guys won't be on this week since it would mean just me and Jedi and possibly bones if he shows up later.

Best of luck with your surgery Hammer.
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Re: Grifter and Hammer status this week

Post by Jedi Master »

If we have the same turnout as the last few weeks, then we would indeed be rather lonely Wed with 2 more missing.

However, I see no need for a preemptive cancellation. We will see on Wed night who can make it and decide then.
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