older Mechwarrior titles on Win10?

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older Mechwarrior titles on Win10?

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Been wondering if anyone has ever gotten MW2 or Mercenaries working on a win10 machine? I haven't checked on the win7 emulators for W10...
Also does anyone know if there are any legal versions of MW2, mw3, mw4 Mercs Packs, Pirates Moon, available with a working license key? I ask for all of them because I can't remember what version had the spires map. It was a Huge city with really low gravity. You could easily fly up over the huge buildings, land between them. Wait. Jump straight up and over them again. Anyone remember which expansion the spires map was in? I was hoping a deep dive into the depths of the underbelly of the internet would help me find it lol.
<cheers> Bron
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