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ArmA 4

Post by Bones »

So my friend Drew whom some of you have met is trying out Arma 4, AKA Arma Reforger. He likes it so far, but it's still heavily in beta. it is Cold War era on an Atlantic island.

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Re: ArmA 4

Post by PanzerMeyer »

Just to clarify, Reforger is NOT ArmA 4. ArmA 4 will be a separate product.
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Re: ArmA 4

Post by Hammer »

from what I see in the video page there, is is definitely later cold war era as there is an M-151 jeep as well as a Hummer at the same time. M-151's were replaced by Hummers, so those vehicles would need to be from separate units (replacements were done by unit, just like M60 to M1A1).
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