ArmA 3 mpmissions progress save

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ArmA 3 mpmissions progress save

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FYI, I loaded up a Predator and UAV Controller soldier in the Map editor, and figured out how to fly the UAV and get it to circle a target area. Now I just need to figure out how the weapons work. Left clicking the mouse activates a laser in UAV Camera control mode, just not sure how the weapons are launched. Very cool!

The artillery options in the mission we played last night were pretty sweet. Lots of options and once we figured out how it worked, awesome to watch and use. Even though the mission was somewhat lengthy, it was a great learning experience on some of the new weapons and features in Arma 3.

@Hudson, I think there is a way to save the mission progress in MP. To exit the mission we played last night, the only option was SAVE AND EXIT. After everyone logged off, I was able to load up the mission where we left off as the UAV controller soldier.


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Re: ArmA 3 Friday

Post by Hudson »

Nice. It would be cool to start again and just steadily plug away at the various missions.
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