Star Citizen Assets Leaked

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Star Citizen Assets Leaked

Post by Softball »

Not sure if this is old news, but saw this in my FB feed. ... ts-leaked/


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Re: Star Citizen Assets Leaked

Post by BlackHawk*K »

yea i seen that as well.

there was a debate going around rather it was good, bad, or world ending LOL.

apparently a community manager posted a partial link and some people found out the rest and downloaded 40 gigs worth of data.

it raised some security concerns. however from what i hear, it was a link used just for the devs. and that most of the time, its passworded. the speculation is that this was due to people trying to get something done before the holiday and was possibly a link left in the catch. CIG hasnt said very much about it or what will happen in the future. but i imagine someone got a rather stern talking to and is a little red faced right now....

to me, its kind of nice to see. after all the months of " we will get to it, but we are working on stuff...." comments when asked about ship and/or game progress was getting a little old. after viewing some of the assets on youtube, i have to say im impressed and looking forward to whats coming. but, a lot of people are screaming spoilers and dont want to have anything to do with it.

the vandull fleet looks cool as hell. just like a buch of ' bad guys' are supposed to :)
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