Have Armchair

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Have Armchair

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Did the Have Armchair mission from Sedlo. Pretty cool. Ran it twice. The first time the MiG developed a problem and crashed and I had to do SAR until the helo arrived.

This time it was different:

Part 1: Startup and Taxi

Part 2: Takeoff and Ingress

Part 3: Anchor and Orbit

Part 4: 1st Engagement

Part 5: 2nd Engagement

Part 6: 3rd Engagement and RTB

I did some really amateurish things at some parts, dunno why. Goes to show you should follow your checklist.

"Also, I would prefer a back seater over the extra gas any day. I would have 80 pounds of flesh to eat and a pair of glasses to start a fire." --F/A-18 Hornet pilot
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