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I started looking at mission building. is there only one map? Caucasus?
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Re: maps

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Known to be coming:
- Nevada Training Map - think this will come out at the same time as Edge. Edge is free, but Nevada will be a pay module. They're still saying 2014.
- Straight of Hormuz - this is being done for the upcoming F/A-18C and to start testing performance of Edge maps. It's going to be a not huge map 390x390 miles or km or something around Iran/UAE/Oman area. This will supposedly be 2014 as well. I don't know about the F/A-18C module, but they put the Normandy map on hold to finish that, so it may be closer than it seems.
- Normandy from D-Day time frame from WWII.

Going forward next year we'll hopefully see or at least hear about more and larger maps coming.
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