Operation Minute Man Revisions

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Operation Minute Man Revisions

Post by Grifter »

If you want to see something added, moved, deleted from, or have some other suggestion for OPMM please feel free to add it here! Thanks.

To generate ideas, here is what I have so far:
1. All missions will have AI substitutes for when live pilots do not fly a given role.
2. All missions will mission success/failure messages, possibly with an associated sound.
3. Loadouts will be reconsidered on certain airframes in all missions. You may help by suggesting loadouts to me.
4. Certain missions may be "relocated" to shorten flights for slower planes.
5. All missions will receive points associated with mission success for Red and Blue sides.
6. Mission 7 Stennis Carrier deck needs to be lit. Too dark to land.
7. Mission 3 may remove some of the SA-13.
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Re: Operation Minute Man Revisions

Post by Hammer »

if i can make some personal requests for red: su-25t, mig-29, and j-11a opfor in all missions (i do not think i will get to the mig-21 soonish, but if they are there already leave them) and for blue: av-8b, f-15c, su-25t, mig-21 (for Georgia), maybe even mig-29a.

ensure all airbases are stocked for all planes at that base and able to rearm/refuel.

add EWS radar for red. they work with AWACS and can be targets for blue.

i did send you some suggestions for moving things around to make shorter flights for some of the slower aircraft.

i will add more as i think of it.
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