Super Carrier Updates Coming

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Super Carrier Updates Coming

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Not sure when these updates to the super carrier mod will be implemented but there is plans for a briefing room. From the ED email I received this morning:

"The 3D Briefing Room will offer interactive squadron meeting capability. This is particularly interesting for multiplayer action, pre-mission start and for after action review. Our Integrated Voice Chat will also allow real-time coms with your squadron. An interactive map, PLAT camera, Greenie and Kill boards will provide simultaneous online statistics during mission progression. Each pilot seat in the briefing room includes an interactive tablet that will allow you to control the fuelling and arming of your aircraft."

Might be of some use to us for pre and post ops? Probably not given the short amount of time we have to play, but thought I would mention it. Could be useful.
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Re: Super Carrier Updates Coming

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Wow, I was not expecting that, but given what they charged for the module it shouldn't be surprising there was more to come than what we have.
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